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Lightening binder

Technical specification ТУ 2313-010-57845504-2005

Lightening binder Solta-104 is used for glitter fixing on paper wallcoverings and also can be used in pearl inks production.

Physico-chemical properties:



1. Appearance

White viscous homogeneous liquid free of foreign matter and clunch

2. Non-volatile matter content, %, minimum


3. pH

7 - 9

4. Funnel viscosity, VS-246 flowmeter type, 4 mm jet size, minimum



*Solta- 104 is produced with press viscosity required for further processing. Viscosity index can be modified by agreement with a consumer.
According to consumers’ estimates Solta-104 fixes glitter, does not reduce gloss, does not affect colour and does not imprint.